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Primarily, gutters serve to protect your building from harmful water damages.

If you have old or damaged gutters, then your home is at risk for damages. Faulty gutters can prevent them from serving their purpose – which is keeping water away from the edges of your building. Furthermore, water saturation on the foundation can cause several costly problems.

If a foundation becomes water-saturated, it can begin to breed mildew and mold. Eventually, this occurrence may lead to structural problems, such as leaks and cracks, especially in colder seasons when water can freeze and expand. These damages can lead to problems that threaten the entire structure of the home – and can easily be averted by a functional gutter system in place. A trustworthy system will manage water and ensure that it goes to appropriate, safe areas.

The main point here is that prevention is always better than cure when it comes to correct management of water runoff on your property.

Downspouts carry water away that gutters collect on the roof. Both of these need to be clean and clear to function in order, and clogging can prevent them from fulfilling their functions.

If the water can’t travel, the gutters will fill up. This incident can lead to an overflow of water on the foundation. Furthermore, depending on conditions and the amount of water, an overflow can get into your basement. Structural and foundation repairs cost several thousands of dollars alone, not including damages to the basement. Additionally, gutters that are clogged can weigh heavily on the exterior of your building. If they become too full of water, they can collapse and cause several damages to your roof, shingles, fascia, and other exterior components of your home.

In summary: routine gutter cleaning services can prevent an entire host of costly problems, such as roof damages, structural and foundation repairs, which can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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